NN Matching Network service

Any antenna matching process requires attention to ensure the best antenna performance is achieved. We deliver the optimum antenna performance by designing the best matching network, including the antenna testing in our anechoic chamber. Matching network design, minimizing VSWR while maximizing efficiency, based on measurements of the antenna’s radiation pattern: antenna gain, efficiency, impedance or VSWR, bandwidth, polarization, and in case of MIMO, correlation and multiplex antenna efficiency.

NN Matching Network service – NN-S-2.1


Matching Network Optimization Design Report

Service Scope

Wireless architecture review

Agreement on exact antenna placement and keep-out space with components

Gerber file customization with antenna and matching network pads and clearance

Feeding line design on Gerber file

Matching Network Design, Testing, Optimization and Final Testing

Final BoM Specification

Testing of final device.

Alternative/Local service available from NN’s Approved Design Partners

Delivery Time

4-6 weeks




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Delivery time estimated. Dependant on customer design process and interaction.

Delivery time for up to 1 antenna per device. More antennas would require an extension of time

Cost of NN-S-2.1 is minimized if a free of charge Wireless Fast-Track was previously conducted and implemented