Virtual Antenna™ embedded in IoT platforms

Virtual Antenna™ components are present in most of the new IoT open hardware platforms, thanks to its versatile and standardized nature. Design your new IoT device based in a ready to use cellular IoT platform and go quickly to the market.

Thingy:91 by Nordic Semiconductor includes TRIO mXTEND™

We selected the TRIO mXTEND™ because it was the best chip antenna in the market capable of delivering global cellular IoT connection and GPS while fitting inside Nordic Thingy:91. We got excellent support from the Fractus Antennas RF experts to integrate the antenna solution into our design”.

Joakim Andre Tønnesen,

Technical Product Manager at Nordic Semiconductor ASA


mangOH Yellow by Sierra Wireless wears RUN mXTEND™

“In mangOH Yellow, we integrated the cellular antenna on board so you can get  started easily. We just wanted to make your product development faster and simpler”

Ashish Syal,

Chief Engineer at Sierra Wireless, Founder & Architect mangOH

P-Series with embedded RUN mXTEND™ by Cavli Wireless

“Cavli’s P-Series line of Smart Compute Modules uses the RUN mXTEND™ antenna for their superior multi-band performance and small footprint. The RUN mXTEND™ antenna with high efficiency on all global GSM/LTE bands provide our users to perform seamless integrations across multiple applications and use cases globally.”

Tarun Thomas,

Co-Founder at Cavli Wireless

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