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By filling out this form you will get a ready-to-test antenna design for your Mobile/IoT device. Free of Charge*. Within the next working day. The design will include an off-the-shelf and tiny Virtual Antenna™ component specially selected for your application and a customized matching network specifically designed by the NN Engineering Team.

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Wireless Fast-Track Service Pack – NN-S-1.0


Antenna Placement + Initial Matching Network Report

Service Scope

High-level system review

Antenna component selection and recommendation

Antenna placement and clearance recommendation on customer PCB

Feeding line recommendation

Initial matching network design + pad layout on PCB

Initial BoM recommendations

Fast-Track Sanity Check (*)

Delivery Time

24h (*)




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(*) Terms & Conditions

Free of charge for all Fractus Antennas products.

24h means delivery within the next working day (e.g. 12h-36h). Subject to availability

Delivery time for up to 1 antenna per device. More antennas would require an extension of time

EAU above 50.000 units. For shorter EAU, ask for quotation

Sanity check response dependant on client implementation of Fast-Track recommendations

The Information delivered for this service in terms of product and technical data, such as product’s technical specs, layouts, gerber files, CAD files, step files, delivered by the client, will be kept strictly confidential.