Free antenna analysis for your wireless device in just 24h

Get a first architecture design including an embedded antenna in a jiffy. Use our NN Wireless Fast Track service and receive a tailored antenna design approach for free in 24h. You only need to fill out this form to discover the feasibility of your next wireless project including the antenna.

You can get it in 3 easy steps

  1. Fill out the form and submit it. Get the confirmation email.
  2. Reply to the confirmation email.
  3. Get your free* design in 24h*.

What will you receive?

  1. Antenna selection: a Virtual Antenna™ component choice. Specially selected for your device and application.
  2. Antenna location: location in a bare PCB. Achieve the maximum antenna performance in a device like yours.
  3. Design recommendations: crucial antenna design tips to ensure success.
  4. Set-up Analysis: Matching Network topology, Reflection Coefficient and Estimated Efficiency.

When will you get it?

  1. This is a free of charge and a 24h service (*).

NN Wireless Fast Track service form

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(*) NN Terms & Conditions

Free of charge for all Fractus Antennas products when the EAU above is more than 50.000 units. For shorter EAU, ask for a quotation. 24h means delivery within the next working day (e.g. 12h-36h). Subject to availability. Delivery time for up to 1 antenna and 1 radio system (1-port) per device. Devices embedding multiple independent radios will require an extension of time. More antennas would require an extension of time. The Information delivered for this service in terms of product and technical data delivered by the client will be kept strictly confidential.