NN Embedded Antenna Design

Achieve the maximum performance for your wireless device including an embedded internal antenna in one week. With the NN Embedded Antenna Design service you will be able to design your IoT product including the antenna together with all the other board elements you are considering. You will obtain a full simulation with an embedded design that optimizes the antenna performance on your device, including the effect of the surrounding components provided in your 3D model.

NN Embedded Antenna Design – NN-S-2.0


Design of IoT product embedding a NN chip antenna, including antenna selection, placement, matching network and performance report

Service Scope

Antenna selection, optimum placing for maximum performance, starting matching network (WFT, NN-S-1.0)

Product design review, antenna placement agreement with client, including clearance and layout recommendations on customer PCB

CAD design of feeding line, first matching network and pad arrangement on customers PCB, including all mechanical 3D models

BoM for the first matching network

Expected wireless performance report based on full computer 3D model of customer product including antenna and all mechanical components

Sanity check review on customer first prototype implementation

Delivery Time

1 week (*)




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(*) Terms & Conditions

Delivery time from agreement on antenna placement and recommendations until delivery of performance report

Delivery time for up to 1 antenna per device. More antennas would require an extension of time

Delivery time estimated on a device with 1 single PCB embedding the antenna. Delivery might be extended for projects connecting multiple PCBs

Design Kick-Start service includes a CAD analysis only. No physical implementation of tuning of a prototype is included.

One sanity check of the client design before implementation included.

Subscription to Fractus Antennas’ newsletter required

(**) Price

For full design optimization, further NN-S-2.1 services might be adviseable

For full design optimization, further NN-S-2.2 services might be adviseable

For full design optimization, further NN-S-3.0 services might be adviseable