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DUO mXTEND™ | IoT Antenna | GNSS+Bluetooth

The DUO mXTENDTM antenna booster has been specifically designed for providing top-quality mobile operation at multiple cellular bands within 1500 – 10600 MHz although its best use is for 1560 – 5000 MHz. It is designed for platforms with small space requirements of 7 mm x 3 mm x 2 mm. It does not require further clearance area beyond its 7 mm x 3 mm footprint. In addition, it can be integrated at the corner or at the centre edge of your device.

Operating range: 1500 – 10600 MHz

Best for: 1560 – 5000 MHz

Dimensions: 7.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 2.0 mm

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