NN Consultancy on Wireless Device Certification

Fractus Antennas experts support you till the end. We offer our clients a qualified antenna redesign and a final testing service in case the wireless device don´t meet the exact requirements for the last certification phase. Our engineers will assist you with the final test of your wireless device and they will make sure the chosen antenna design is a real success.

NN Consultancy on Wireless Device Certification – NN-S-3.0


Consultancy on Wireles Device Certification

Service Scope

RF/Antenna Engineering Services for the Certification of Wireless Products Including a NN’s product

Final Testing after Wirless Device Redesign and Qualification

Service might include matching network optimization and testing

Billing upon hourly rate of NN’s antenna expert

Alternative service available from NN’s Approved Design Partners

Delivery Time

4-6 weeks




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Delivery time estimated. Dependant on project definition and scope.

Cost of NN-S-3.0 is minimized if services NN-S-2.0 and NN-S-2.1 were previously conducted and implemented